Additions to the Site

I am excited to share some new ideas that I aim to be implementing soon on CEYLAN. The most exciting being a consolidated list of workshops and studios offering art classes in Toronto. This will include art forms such as pottery, jewelry making, painting, etc. I will provide just a brief description of offerings as…

The Blues

This post is dedicated to some of my photos which follow a common theme : the colour blue

City in the Spotlight: Nantes

I have decided to start a weekly column on gathering some of my favourite photos from cities that I have visited, with each week focusing on one city. I thought Nantes, France would be perfect to begin my column since it was in Nantes that I developed a passion for photography. Welcome to the Nantes…

Bright Colours and Contours

For me, photography has been a gift that continues to give, leading to other hobbies, such as turning the photos I take into postcards I can send my friends over the world.