City in the Spotlight: Nantes

I have decided to start a weekly column on gathering some of my favourite photos from cities that I have visited, with each week focusing on one city. I thought Nantes, France would be perfect to begin my column since it was in Nantes that I developed a passion for photography. Welcome to the Nantes I know and what made the place special for me.

Nantes was a city full of eccentric individuals and a love for life. Similar to other European cities, there was always life on the streets. Maybe for others, this didn’t seem so distinct a feature but for me to come from Toronto, where the snowy, cold weather could lock up life indoors for months, made this city seem so vibrant. I lived on the island in Nantes and I think it was the perfect place for me. My walks along the island were always the most peaceful and educational. The island was lined with old warehouse and shipping containers from when Nantes was a port and these were beautifully transformed into bars, restaurants and galleries. I have captioned each image so you can have a better idea of what the places I captured were. I don’t think I have shared so many of my Nantes photos in one place before because they ere unfortunately overshadowed by my love for other cities later on but looking back at my photos makes me feel the vibrancy of the city yet again.


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