City in the Spotlight : Kingston

Many of you may have expected images of people dancing and smiling and bathing in the sun. Images of exotic fruits and beaches. Unfortunately, you let your imagination get the best of you. To those from outside of Canada, this post features photos from the lesser known and appreciated city of Kingston in Ontario. I studied at Queen’s and thus spent a significant part of my life – still being fairly young – in Kingston. Though I admit that at times it seemed like I had explored the most notable parts of Kingston within my first week of being there, looking back at my photos makes me see the city in a different way. I miss the walks I took along the water and sitting at a cafe in the summer which overlooks the market square. The hustle and bustle of big cities, though is an indicator of life and excitement, can get pretty tiring at times and it’s at exactly these moments when I wish I could get on a train with a book and backpack and head to Kingston.

I’d love to read your comments on what your favourite destinations are to relax, read and re-energize! My next post in this thread will cover Montreal! I’m heading back to the city in a few weeks so I’m looking forward to seeing which photos I will capture this time around.



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