Jane and Flowers

While most of us are familiar with making lists Рshopping, resolutions, playlists Рit may not always enter our mind to make lists of what makes us happy or what inspires us. Lately, saying hello to warmer days and seeing the magnolias bloom has made it easier for me to hop out of bed and feel more creative in my daily life. Here is my photo Рinspiration  list!

The photo above on the left is a photo album given to me by a dear friend for my birthday. I think I obsessed over Jane Birkin a little too much but I’m so glad I did because this photo book represents the beauty and joy that attracted me to Birkin in the first place. The beautiful photos taken by her brother showcase her love with Serge Gainsbourg and their family. The photos portray them as goofy, adventurous but above all, in love.

IMG_1045 2

Pure, sweet love inspires me like it did many artists, poets and authors. I may also be a romantic as the words of Marquez are enough to make me cry.  I also love learning about different cultures and what better way to do that than to speak with people from a different culture and learn of their traditions. Conversations over dinner with friends and family have always been a memorable part of my life and now that I am learning to experiment with different types of cuisine, it makes the whole experience that much better.

The above photo of a painting of a woman is a recent one I made with charcoal and acrylic. It is my version of Ferdinand Hodler’s ‘A Day’ and further inspired by Michael de Feo’s work. I think it encompasses what has been inspiring me as of late. Bright colors. Flowers blooming. Warmth. And though this painting doesn’t scream love, it speaks of sexuality and thus has some connection to the concept of love.



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