February 16, 2017 marks the day that I realized I was polluting my apartment with notebooks. Notebooks full of pages of drawings, short story ideas, travel research and lots of bucket lists. My enjoyment of sharing my opinions and work with those I love and hearing their feedback made me want to create a space – not just for me to learn the definition of organization – but for those sharing my interests to browse and to inspire one another.

CEYLAN will consist of a lot of posts of me ramble-writing as I get enthusiastic when discussing my passions. I will cover topics of photography, visual arts, writing and literature. My posts reflect my opinions but what I would love to do is be able to have a creative community on here who can learn from one another. As a person with an educational background in marketing and international business, I did not get to create art for school. So I guess, this site is my art project.

Lastly, CEYLAN means gazelle in Turkish, which is my background. I am a proud and happy Turkish – Canadian. I also chose the name because the letters C-E-Y are the initials of the names in my family.