Finding Inspiration and a Concept

Many of the choices I make on how to spend my time relate back to my interests which reflect and nourish my soul. I am a lover of fantastical paintings and literature. I appreciate vibrancy and colour in my daily life and I try to find beauty in simplicity. Just two years ago I was lucky enough to embark on a 5 month trip to study in Nantes, France. I met a lot of inspiring individuals from different cultures and the beauty of the environments I was in made me feel so alive. My semester in France was when I began to really appreciate the photos I was taking. I let the culture of the places I was visiting guide me in my selection of what I should capture in my photos. The photo featured in this article is one of my all time favourites. It is of an old warehouse on an island in Nantes where it has been transformed into offices, bars, galleries, along with all the other warehouses of the island. It is the creative and innovative hub of Nantes.

I found inspiration in the architecture in Europe because it was so different from what I was used to seeing in Canada. I was in awe and realized that I couldn’t stop taking photos of all the small balconies with big glass doors opening up to them and the opera houses and theatres situated in the heart of every city. The architecture in Europe gave life a new meaning; it reignited my passion in architecture. Since then, I have continued on with taking photos of architecture and the mosaic patterns on the exterior. However, what I feel I have yet to do is figure out a concept. Yes, I take a lot of photos of architecture and design but I feel like all of my photos could belong to different exhibitions. They all seem to be extremely different from one another. I look at photographer’s portfolios online or on Instagram and it seems that their work is held together by invisible glue. There is some sort of theme or relation with their works. Sometimes I expect things to come to me too quickly and then I don’t end up spending enough time on thinking about the topic. It seems that with respect to finding a theme, I’m going to have to look through all my past photos and figure out what that concept is. What unique element in the world of photography am I trying to provide? I find that projects and life always goes by more easily once we have that clearly defined question.


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