The Blues

Vivid colours have always attracted me to a place or an individual. While walking through a city, it feels like the place with the brightest colours is the heart of the city. This is not necessarily based on fact but more so the associations I create with bright colours. I see colours as givers of life. When a person wears dull colours, it seems that their energy is drained from their body while the opposite happens to a person wearing bright colours. Of course, nothing does more to creating an energetic atmosphere than a smile!

Though I love vibrant colours, I also enjoy the B&W or single colour focused photos since they seem to create a sort of simplicity and peace through lack of colour. This post is dedicated to some of my photos which follow a common theme : the colour blue. The colour blue is often said to generate feelings of sadness or peace. When I look at my photos, I see the latter. For me, this single colour teaches one of my favourite beliefs : the beauty in simplicity.

These photos capture various objects: natural and man made but all of them in my opinion reflect serenity. The colour blue is so captivating that it almost becomes the sole focus and takes attention away from anything else in the photo.


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  1. bkcitta says:


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  2. Page_Traveller says:

    Love the colour blue! Definitely need it as travel inspiration from cold, rainy England!

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    1. Cansu says:

      Definitely agree with you! I think that’s why bright colours can attract our attention so often 🙂 It’s the perfect escape!

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