City in the Spotlight : Istanbul

The second city acknowledged in my weekly posts on cities captured in my photographs is Istanbul. I have been in Canada for the past 14 years -more than half my life- but before then I was in Istanbul. It is a city that I have loved exploring, alone and with my friends and family. It blends history with modernity and is a city of contrasts. While sifting through photos on my phone which date back to 2015, I realized that I have too many to share with you. I have decided to dedicate this post to the architecture and views of the streets of Istanbul. The next ‘Spotlight’ post will be on the food and markets of Istanbul.

What catches my eye the most when I look at this collection of nine photos is how unique each view is. The middle-right photo is of a church on the most crowded street of Istanbul while the top-left photo makes Istanbul appear to be like the Gardens of Babylon. If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences about this city which I still like to call home, please leave a comment below.


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