City in the Spotlight: Lucca

The Italian city of Lucca is located in the Tuscan region and was the fourth stop in my Italian road trip, following Cinque Terre, Lerici, and Pisa. The historic centre of the city is surrounded by ancient walls. For me, the way of life was moving at the perfect pace with the perfect bit of romance. Not once did I feel rushed, which led me to take in the city at my own pace and not feel drained of energy. The architecture of this city, similar to other cities within the Tuscan region consisted mainly of red brick roofs and small, detached family homes. Colours of the city blended beautifully with the sunny backdrop, and was even more memorable as the sun was setting , creating the look of a blurred horizon. The photos I took during this trip are mainly showcasing the beautiful architecture and layout of the city.

Coming from a Turkish background, family is very important to me and I felt like the people in Lucca were treating me as if I was a part of theirs. The restaurant workers would smile sweetly at me and crack jokes which no language barrier would prevent me from laughing at. Maybe it was partly the wonderful hospitality that made the food I tried in a tavern styles restaurant taste incredible -though Italians deserve all the credit for their recipes. Next week, I will share photos from a past trip to Montreal. I will be visiting the city again in a moth so I’m curious to see what murals and buildings will catch my eye this time.


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