Bright Colours and Contours

For me, photography has been  a gift that continues to give, leading to  other hobbies, such as turning the photos I take into postcards I can send my friends over the world. The quest for beauty is difficult and that an ultimate beauty does not exist makes things ever more impossible. This quest is simplified for me when I am taking photos because I find that they perfectly describe what my eye has been trained for the past 22 years in finding beautiful. They showcase my spirit and soul. The vibrant colours in my photos for me, represent a place high in energy and spirit. And I wouldn’t dream of making a dull space turn into one of high energy by playing around with contrast and vibrancy on photoshop. I like capturing a place as it is and for the way that it makes me feel. From my most recent trip to Spain this past December, I took maybe 200+ more photos in Sevilla than in Madrid. I have visited Madrid before but it wasn’t just that. It was that Sevilla’s bright buildings and warm people and vibrant atmosphere made me experience a sort of love. And who doesn’t find beauty in love?

In this post as well as in future ones, you will be able to quickly identify that buildings and scenery are often the focal points in my photos. I love seeing photos where people are the focus such as Platon’s work and Steve McCurry as well, who often beautifully brings to attention both environment and individual.  Oddly enough, if someone were to ask me what is most memorable about a place, 90% of the time I would answer its people. But yet I  often choose the environment over people to photography. I do this in my artwork too, like I mentioned in my first blog post under ‘Sketches’. I have simply accepted this oddity.

Captured below are some of my favourite shots from Sevilla – let me your guide to the city.



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