Additions to the Site

I am excited to share some new ideas that I aim to be implementing soon on CEYLAN. The most exciting being a consolidated list of workshops and studios offering art classes in Toronto. This will include art forms such as pottery, jewelry making, painting, etc. I will provide just a brief description of offerings as…

My Magical World

As the saying goes: ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. But what if you could use the lemons to make orange juice instead. Over the past month and more so this past year, I have been trying to make orange juice with lemons. What I mean by this is I’ve been experimenting with various…

Beach Date on the Moon

Here, I showcase two B&W photos that served as my inspiration in my newest creative project.

Designing CEYLAN

Now that the site is up and running, I share with you my vision on creating the brand for CEYLAN.

‘Artist’ Redefined

His mind saw no limits to what could be accomplished by combining different streams of art

Trial and Error

Frustration arises easily in trial and error processes and that’s perfectly alright, as long as we remain in touch with our passions and don’t let a few frustrations demoralize us.

De Botton’s Art as Therapy

This book, created as a textbook, provided me with some great new insights but best of all, introduced me to a few new artists which are now in my list of favourite artists.

Welcome Back Pastels and Paintbrushes

I didn’t think I had a natural gift because I felt like I couldn’t draw a masterpiece on cue unlike others but I knew that it was something that made me feel fulfilled.

On Writing, Dreams and Reality

I’m a dreamer. Can a person be a realist and a dreamer or is the dread of reality too much for us to bear on our happy, lustful shoulders?