Beach Date on the Moon


I have recently been researching cool website and branding designs for work and i came across this site. I felt giddy as a navigated throughout the site because it was like this surreal experience of me meeting my website-self. What I mean by this is, if there was ever a website created to depict me, this would be it. From it being an Italian wine site to its bright colours and the vintage B&W photos of lovers and families enjoying each other’s company, no other site could be so perfect.

Right after feeling this wonderful joy, I felt determined. Determined to create a unique, colourful site which embodies my personality and to also have that reflect in my other creative work. Though I am not great with Photoshop (yet), I wanted to get a head start with this goal and found a few B&W photos to serve as my inspiration. Below, I showcase two as well as the works I created centering around these photos.

The first piece I’ve called ‘Beach Date on the Moon’.

Original Image 

While the first piece allowed me to focus on testing out different colours on the same concept, the second piece led me to try out different concepts. Two works include a photo of mosaic tiles in Seville that I took, used as a mat on the beach and the final work is what I call ‘Lay’Z Graffiti. The women look postcard perfect in this photo I took of graffiti on a wall in Istanbul.

Original Image


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