My Magical World

As the saying goes: ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. But what if you could use the lemons to make orange juice instead. Over the past month and more so this past year, I have been trying to make orange juice with lemons. What I mean by this is I’ve been experimenting with various art projects and not limiting what is possible with the materials I am using.

My goal is to develop a greater sense of awareness of my surroundings. Oftentimes because we are in control of what we see, we limit our eyes to see things we are already familiar with.  How wonderful would it be to break this pattern and force ourselves to witness new things or see the same things with a different eye. All of the above photos depict work that I have created myself, with the bottom left photo being the exclusion. I have recently gotten into jewelry making and as I was perusing an Italian cookbook yesterday, I came across this photo of a chandelier, so delicate and beautiful. I saw it not only as a chandelier but as a piece of wearable art. I sketched this into a jewelry design right afterwards.

I don’t know why I have been feeling more creative lately – maybe it is a way of life showing me that I have achieved a good balance or maybe I simply have a good support group who encourages me to continue to create.


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