Wonderful Women

As you can see, I find inspiration in drawing the female form, with not much focus on the facial features. Though it is one of my goals for the year to become confident with drawing portraits. I have been experimenting a lot more with using pastels on a dark background and I love how the colours stand out so much. The only drawings that were not inspired by artists’ paintings are the sketch of the girl (top-middle) and the drawing of the two figures ┬áseated on a bench (top-right). The sketch of the girl was from my first life-drawing class. This sketch was one of my favourites because I think I captured her shape and innocence the way I wanted to. I will write another blog post discussing the atmosphere and my experience in that class, with other photos of my sketches which I am surprisingly glad that I decided to keep rather than throw out, because yes, they were that bad.


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