‘Artist’ Redefined

His mind saw no limits to what could be accomplished by combining different streams of art

Me and Monsieur

I remember thinking up a name for him but today, I don’t even recall what that name was.

Amour, Amore, Askim

I developed a love for languages prior to leaving for an exchange study period in France two years ago.

Guarding Naïveté

I guard my naïveté because it allows me to see a world without limits.

On Writing, Dreams and Reality

I’m a dreamer. Can a person be a realist and a dreamer or is the dread of reality too much for us to bear on our happy, lustful shoulders?

Unedited & Unpublished – The Query Letter

Freud suggests that collecting, the act and the psychology behind it, started as soon as one was being potty trained. The idea here is that we were sad to say farewell to our body’s waste and felt like we weren’t truly in control at that moment. I can’t date back to the specific moment in…